XRI Systems XR300


The XRI Systems XR300 is a Vintage SMPTE Synchroniser

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XRI Systems XR300

SMPTE Synchroniser

The XRI Systems XR300 is a 1u Rackmount Vintage SMPTE Generator/Reader from the late 1980’s/early 90’s.

The XR300 Features 24fps, 25fps (EBU), 30fps (SMPTE), 30 Drop-frame; DIN Sync (24, 48, 96 ppqn); MIDI Sync Formats and 10 Programmable Tempo Sections, each up to 250 bars, with Time Signatures between.

Rear Panel includes Tape In and Tape Out Jacks, Midi In, Thru and 3 x Outs, Din Sync and IEC Power Connections.

This XRI Systems XR300 has lots of scratches and marks on the top and bottom, but a good condition front panel. It comes with it’s Power Cable and Original Manual.

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