Fostex PC100USB


USB Volume Controller with Quality Volume Control Knob

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PC-100USB Volume Controller

Model PC-100USB is a high grade version of PC-1(W) that converts USB digital audio signal to analog signal to feed to powered monitor speakers such as PM0.4n, PM0.5n etc. for high quality reproduction of computer audio .  The volume for the left and right monitors can be controlled simultaneously at your handy position.  It also offers a headphone out (stereo mini) for head-phone monitoring.

Main Features

  • Built-in 16bit DA converter from digital (USB) to analog (RCA Pin)
  • Quality volume control knob
  • Headphone out (stereo mini)
  • Rugged metal chassis construction
  • Rubber legs on the bottom for secure placement

This Fostex PC100USB is in Excellent Condition and has Hardly Been Used at Home Only! It comes with it’s Original Box, Manual and 2 x Phono Cables.

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