Yamaha EMT-10


The EMT-10 is a Vintage Sound Module that offers 12 quality preset Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) sampled voices

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Yamaha EMT-10 AWM Sound Expander

The EMT-10 is a Vintage Sound Module that offers 12 quality preset Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) sampled voices, which are split into two groups: percussive voices and sustained voices.

The EMT-10 is 8-note polyphonic with layering and split. Any sustained voice can be doubled up (with a consequent reduction to 4-note polyphony). A bass voice can be split with any other voice; 2-notes are assigned to the bass voice and 6-notes are assigned to the other voice.

The 9 percussive voices consist of acoustic and electric pianos, harpsichord, acoustic guitar, and 3 basses. The sustained voices are strings, brass and choir. The standout percussive sounds are the acoustic piano and the three basses. The String and Choir sounds have a satisfying warmth and depth. The choir is particularly compelling with female sounding high voices, male sounding low voices and tonal variation from note to note.

Front panel controls include volume, fine pitch control, brightness and attack time, plus selector buttons for each of the 12 voices. The MIDI button is used to activate secondary functions to control transpose, octave shift, sustained voice layering, bass split and velocity touch curve.

Features include:

  • 8 Voice Polyphony
  • Bright, Mellow, Slow and Fast Effects
  • Rear Panel Connections: MIDI (In, Out, Thru), Aux In (L,R), Line Out (L,R), DC In
  • Modes: 8-Note Mode/4-Note Doubled Mode (Sustained Voices only), Bass Split
  • Two-voice multitimbral
  • Memory – 12 presets
  • Waveforms – AWM
  • 1U Half-Rack Size

This Yamaha EMT-10 is in Good Condition and comes with it’s Power Supply and Manual. Also included is a Stereo Phono to Phono Lead with Jack Plug Adapters and Midi Cable.

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