Yamaha DD10


The Yamaha DD10 is a Vintage Digital Drum Machine from the late 1980’s

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Yamaha DD10

Vintage Digital Drum Machine

The Yamaha DD10 was aimed at the home music making market for those who wanted to make beats in a self-contained. self-amplified ‘laptop’ style unit. It has preset patterns that you can play along with and crunchy 8-bit sounds.

The DD10 also featured velocity sensitive drum pads, built-in speakers and Midi connections.

With 26 drum, percussion and sound effects samples available, the DD10 has a lo-fi charm that will add some distinctive spice to a track!

Features include:

8 Velocity Sensitive Drum Pads

Onboard Preset Patterns with Intro, Fill and Roll Variations

Built-in Speakers

Can be Powered by Batteries or Optional Power Supply

Line, Aux Out and Midi Connections

This Yamaha DD10 is in Good Condition and comes with it’s Optional Yamaha Power Supply

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