Philip Rees V3 + Midi Cable


The highly successful V3 is a handy one into three MIDI thru unit

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Philip Rees Midi Thru three split

Classic MIDI splitter

The highly successful V3 is a handy one into three MIDI thru unit, which you can use to convert one MIDI out into three buffered parallel outs. The V3 MIDI Thru Unit is very compact – just 58mm x 69mm x 23mm

You can use a PP3 (6F22) 9V battery to power your V3 MIDI Thru Unit– the battery will give a very long life (usually a year or more in normal use). When you leave the IN socket unconnected, or your MIDI master device is quiescent or switched off, no battery power is consumed. You simply slide out the top side panel to fit the battery.

Why you need a MIDI thru unit

Interconnecting several items of MIDI gear can be a frustrating business. A Midi Thru box can often help.

Some of your MIDI gadgets may lack the MIDI Thru (MIDI-thru) sockets which are required for connecting several devices together in a ‘chain’. Where MIDI thru ports are provided, the signal throughput may introduce ‘duty cycle’ distortion or time delays – so ‘chain’ performance may be unacceptable, particularly on ‘chains’ of three or more.7

This Philip Rees V3 is in Excellent Condition and had Home Use Only. PLUS we are including a 3M Midi Cable.

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