Korg Volca Drum


The Korg Volca Drum is the most unique drum synth in the volca lineup, with Korg’s DSP engine giving it a distinctive sound.

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Korg Volca Drum

Digital Percussion Synthesizer

Zero rules. DSP analogue modelling power. The Korg Volca Drum isn’t like a PCM-sampled drum machine, that focuses on a snare, kick, and cymbal samples, that can restrict your creativity. It uses DSP powered analogue modelling to give you more variety in your sounds. Meaning you can go much deep in your drum sound creation. It is based on oscillators instead of samples. Due to this, you can create a wide variety of percussion sounds. You’re not just limited to drums, thanks to the DSP process, you can create any sort of sound within the limitations of the six parts.

The two-layer sound design offers, sine, sawtooth, noise and you can use these three waveforms to create whatever sound you want. Using the wavefolder depth to add complex overtones, and use overdrive to give your sounds more impact. The Korg Volca Drum allows you to create your own distinct sound.

Features include:

  • Digital percussion synth with 6-part x 2-layer structure
  • New DSP engine gives the Volca Drum a distinctive sound
  • Add rich resonances to your sound with the Waveguide resonator
  • 16 steps of sequencing give you a wide scope for arranging songs
  • Slice function
  • Randomize functions

This Korg Volca Drum is in Excellent Condition and had Home Use Only. It comes with it’s Original Box, Owners Manual and Sync Cable.

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