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Rack Mountable Power Conditioner with Lights.

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Rack Mountable Power Conditioner with Lights.

Incoming 3-way spike protection: Comprehensive protection that detects and suppresses spikes between positive and negative, positive and ground, and negative and ground. Low clamping voltage. Compresses a 6,000V spike to a manageable 400V. For the techs this is known as a UL1449 rating of 400V.

High power filtering: Most units like this will work to 10 or 12 AMPS but this unit works to 15 AMPS (that’s 1,800 WATTS of regulation capacity.).

Overload protection: In the event of a circuit overload, your equipment will be protected by a “soft” shutdown vs. the “hard” shutdown of a relay collapsing.

Noise filtering: Up to 35 dB reduction in line noise in the RF spectrum (100KHZ to 100MHZ spectrum).

UL Recognized: Contains UL components to meet standard electrical safety codes.

Features: 8 Protected IEC outlets on the back. Retractable Lights with High and Low Settings. Spike and surge protection. 5 AMP, 1800 Watt capacity. Overload Protection. UL Recognized, 1U Rackmount. Applications: Signal Processing Racks. Recording Studios. Computers.

Why You Need Conditioned Power?
With present demands on power utilities, voltage spikes, power surges, electrical noise, and power failures are commonplace. This ‘garbage’ in the power delivered can reduce the fidelity of audio systems, cause premature failure, or result in extensive damage or destruction of electronic equipment.
This ETA Systems PD8L is in Excellent Condition and comes with it’s Original Box and Power Lead, PLUS we’re Including a Complete Set of 4 x  2m and 4 x 3m IEC to IEC Cables.
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