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OP-Z comes loaded with everything you need to get making music you’ll love!

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Teenage Engineering OP-Z Multimedia Sequencer and Synthesizer

A galaxy of sound

OP-Z comes loaded with everything you need to get making music you’ll love. It features 16 sample packs, with each containing 24 samples – the perfect springboard for your creativity. Or find your own voice by adding samples from elsewhere. Kicks, snares, sampler, bass, arps, one-shots, everything you need to make great music.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, OP-Z is fully updatable. At present, there are eight synthesis sound engines with which you craft otherworldly landscapes, searing leads, rumbling basses, and FM-style plucks. However, that’s not all, OP-Z will receive more synthesis engines as time goes on, helping it stay at the cutting edge.

And if you love effects, you’ll be pleased to know that OP-Z has two separate busses, you can use delay, reverb, bit-crush, and distortion on these bus tracks. Just like the synth engines, these will be updated with time. OP-Z will provide fresh inspiration as time goes by. It grows with you.

Endless sequencing possibilities

The Teenage Engineering OP-Z provides you with endless sequencing possibilities. It is a completely stand-alone synthesizer and composer providing you with endless sequencing steps, 160 user programmable patterns, and endless pattern chaining. The OP-Z allows for step recording and live recording, with a range of controls for editing your pattern, making it ideal for jamming and live performance.

Introducing step components

Step components is a new feature introduced by Teenage Engineering. Step components makes it possible to add unique step behaviors to every one of the 16 steps. The best way to describe this is to think of dual layer sequencing. The first layer is a traditional 16 step-sequencer, whereas the second layer adds variation per cycle, micro-sequencing, direction, note variation, parameter changes, re-triggering, and much more, all on one single step. Adding multiple step variations can create endless possibilities. A handy feature called ‘catch up’ forces a track to exit at a certain step to stay in sync. All the 14 components have 10 values and behavior programs, resulting in up to 140 ways to alter just one single step.

Image & 3D graphics sequencing

By downloading the free OP-Z iOS app from Apple’s app store, you have the opportunity to pair your phone and OP-Z together to add several unique features. For example, you can use your phone’s camera to take a number of photos, and then arrange them to a beat, essentially creating your own synchronised music video.

Take it anywhere

Thanks to the super compact design, the OP-Z can be taken anywhere with you. It’s about half the size of the OP-1, and still packs a huge amount of power. Fit the device into your pocket and create sequences anywhere and everywhere.

Full Unity 3D integration

Teenage Engineering have worked closely with Keijiro Takahashi and the Unity Tokyo studio to allow the OP-Z to fully integrate with the Unity game engine. By linking the OP-Z with Unity, it allows users to create anything within Unity.


  • Advanced multi-speed 16-track sequencer
  • Step component composing
  • Endless sequencing steps
  • Track independent length
  • Track independent speed
  • Step Components
  • Step recording
  • Live recording
  • MIDI sequencing
  • Image and 3D graphics sequencing
  • DMX light sequencing
  • Includes free app
  • 16 individual and independent synthesis, sampler and control tracks (kick, snare, percussion, sampler, bass, lead, arpeggio, chords, FX slot 1, FX slot 2, tape, mixer, MIDI, CV & trig, light, motion)
  • 160 user programmable patterns
  • Endless pattern chaining
  • 14 multi-program step components for advanced step sequencing
  • Integrated MEMS microphone
  • Includes USB type C to USB A for charging and control
  • Durable design

This Teenage Engineering OP-Z is only just under 2 Months Old, in Fantastic Condition and comes as new with it’s Original Box, Manual, Overlays and USB Cable.

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