Roland MC-909

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The Roland MC-909 Groovebox is all you need to take your music from conception to completion

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Roland MC-909 Sampling Groovebox

The MC-909 is Roland’s answer to the demands of serious producers who want a workstation that seamlessly integrates audio and MIDI. Based on the XV synthesis engine expandable up to 272MB of sampling RAM (16MB standard), the MC-909 has evolved beyond the original concept of a Groovebox.

This professional workstation also boasts 800 new Patches, 64 Rhythm Sets and 693 all-new waveforms with SRX expansion. And with professional sequencing, mastering tools and an ultra-intuitive interface—the MC-909 is all you need to take your music from conception to completion.

There are also fully editable effects, a programmable arpeggiator, and many performance/real-time control facilities, including two D-Beam controllers, and a turntable-emulation slider.

Features include:

  • Professional 64-voice workstation with new-generation XV synthesis, sampling, 16-track sequencer, effects and oversized graphic LCD
  • 16MB sample memory expandable up to 272MB using optional DIMMS, and SmartMedia™ storage for sample data
  • Hundreds of new high-quality patterns, sounds and rhythm sets; expandable via SRX-Series wave expansion board
  • Studio-quality effects including 24-bit reverb, 2 multi-effects processors, compression/EQ and mastering effects
  • Built-in USB port for sample/Standard MIDI File transfer and User data backup
  • S/PDIF digital I/O, six analog outputs and stereo analog inputs
  • Dual D Beams, Turntable Emulation and velocity-sensitive pads-—plus front-panel knobs, buttons and sliders to modify sounds and patterns
  • New V-LINK function for integrating audio and video in performance

This Roland MC-909 is in Excellent Condition and comes with it’s Original Quick Start Manual, Owners Manual and Power Cable. PLUS it also has the Full 272MB Expanded Memory and a 64MB SmartMedia Card Included.

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