Philip Rees 2S


The Philip Rees 2S is a Compact Midi Selector Box that can be used as a Source or Destination Selector.

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Philip Rees two-way MIDI switch2S MIDI Selector

2S photo2S diagram

The high quality three position slide switch in the 2S has three positions – marked ‘A’. ‘O’ and ‘B’. In position ‘A’ the centre socket is connected to the left hand one. The centre position (‘o’) is the off position, in which none of the sockets is linked. Position ‘B’ links the centre and right hand sockets.

The case of the 2S MIDI Selector is very compact at 58mm x 69mm x 23mm – the same as our V3.

The 2S can be used as a source or destination selector.

This Philip Rees 2S is as New in it’s Original Box.

Picture is of the actual item.


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