MFB Dominion Club

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The MFB Dominion Club Analog Synthesizer is a module version of the MFB Dominion 1 Synthesizer

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MFB Dominion Club Analog Synthesizer Module

The MFB Dominion Club Analog Synthesizer is a compact, streamlined module version of the MFB Dominion 1 synthesizer. Basing its design on the original Dominion 1, the Dominion Club includes the same analog circuitry for that classic warmth and grit.

Dual VCO’s With Morphing Waveforms

At the heart of the Dominion Club are two analog VCOs and one Digital Wave with morphing waveforms. These morphing waveforms allow you to blend two waveforms seamlessly for added versatility. The result is endless possibilities when it comes to sound creation, giving you virtually countless sounds to play with. Two sub oscillators are also included for creating bass sounds, as well as a noise generator, XOR and Sync controls.

Arpeggiator & Step Sequencer

The integrated arpeggiator and step sequencer allows you to create complex patterns and sequences on the fly. The arpeggiator can be used to trigger broken-chords and moving sequences of notes. The step sequencer is ideal for creating patterns and rhythms with ease, including shuffle controls for added flare. One of the most unique features of this section is the ability to make real-time changes to every single parameter over eights bars with the sequencer. Two morphing LFOs are included with One shot and Reset functions, complete with a modulation wheel LFO and two ADSRs

Versatile Connectivity

The MFB Dominion Club Analog Synthesizer features a wide range of versatile connectivity including MIDI connections which allow you to control CC functions. The Dominion Club also includes an integrated USB and M-Bus interface that allows you to connect the unit to an external computer or other USB supported device. This allows you to use the Dominion Club with a range of software including DAWs, as well as being able to export sequences and sounds for use in music production. There is also a USB host Input and Headphone output for added convenience.

Design & Construction

The compact yet portable design is highly robust thanks to the all-metal chassis. Its roadworthy construction means it ideal for use on the road, in live performances. It’s also suited to the studio thanks to its integrated USB/M-Bus interface, allowing you to directly interact with your computer. Every major function features its own rotary-style control, allowing you to make precise changes to your levels. There is also a small LED screen that displays the patch/parameter number you are using at the time.

Features include:

  • Club version of the outstanding Dominion 1 Synth
  • Two analogue VCOs and one Digital Wave with morphing waveforms
  • Two Suboscillators, Noise, XOR and Sync
  • Morphing analogue 24 dB Multimode filter with Selfoscillation
  • Two morphing LFOs with ‘One Shot’ & Reset function, one mod wheel LFO, two ADSRs
  • Arpeggiator, Realtime- and Step Sequencer with Motion Rec
  • Midi CC controllable, Midi, USB and M-Bus Interface

This MFB Dominion Club is in Fantastic Condition and had Home Use Only. It comes with it’s Original Power Supply and a Midi Cable.

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