JL Cooper PPS1


The JL Cooper PPS1 is a Vintage Tape-to -Midi Synchroniser Unit from the 1980’s.

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JL Cooper PPS1

Tape-to-MIDI Synchroniser

The JL Cooper PPS1 is a Vintage Tape-to -Midi Synchroniser Unit from the 1980’s.

The PPS1 will “Stripe” a code to tape on a Tape Recorder for a Midi Sequencer to follow when played back.

The PPS stands for Poor Person’s SMPTE, and it’s aptly named; the PPS1 generates and syncs to a timecode which behaves a bit like SMPTE, but provides none of the tempo controls that real SMPTE synchronisers offer. As a result, the front panel is bare and operation is extremely simple.

The PPS1 is housed in a 3.5″ x 5″ x 2″ metal chassis in the standard JL Cooper grey finish. Power is supplied by an external DC 9V supply. The rear panel has one MIDI input and two MIDI outputs (which provide identical MIDI data). Two ΒΌ” inputs are provided for sending sync signals to and reading signals from tape. The front panel consists of a single three-position slide switch for selecting write or read functions, and two LEDs, one to indicate power on, and the other to indicate when tape lock is achieved.

If you’re wondering how the PPS1 compares to standard SMPTE/MIDI synchronisers, the main difference is that once you’ve striped the PPS1 sync signal on tape, the sequencer tempo is fixed. The only way to run it faster is to change the tape speed.

This JL Cooper PPS1 is in Good Condition but does have some marks and scratches on the underneath. It comes with it’s Power Supply.

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