Emu E6400 Ultra

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The E6400 Ultra is a Classic and Powerful 3U Rackmount Hardware Sampler


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Emu E6400 Ultra Hardware Sampler + Options

Through the years, E-mu’s E-series samplers have maintained their status as heavyweights in the sampler market. The E6400 Ultra combines faster hardware with improved features.

The E6400 Ultra is a Classic and Powerful 3U Rackmount Hardware Sampler which Features Include:

64-Voice Polyphony

32-Part Multi-Timbral

Analog Sounding Z-Plane Filters and Many Different Filter Types

Onboard Dual 24-Bit Effect Processors

128MB Sample Ram

Beat Munger and Other DSP Tools

Onboard 48-Track Sequencer

This E6400 Ultra also has the Following Options / Expansions:

ADAT Card Installed (16 Channels in and out, VERY RARE!)

D-WAM Board Installed (which features: AES/EBU Digital in/out, ASCII Keyboard Connection, Midi B in/out/thru and Wordclock)

128MB Sample Ram Installed

80GB Front Panel Removable USB FAT Hard Drive with around 5GB of EMU Library Installed.

EOS 4.70

As well as the above Expansions this Emu E6400 Ultra also comes with it’s Original EOS Manual, Power Cable and Rack Ears. The E6400 Ultra is all Fully Working with Bright Screen Backlight, Silent Fan and all Buttons and Cursor Wheel Working Fine. It does have quite a few scratches and marks on the top but is otherwise in Good Condition. This is an Absolute Powerhouse of a Hardware Sampler!

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