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The Filter Factory is a Rare and Sought-After Stereo/Mono Analog Filter Module

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Electrix Filter Factory Analog Filter Module

The Filter Factory is a Rare and Sought-After Stereo/Mono Analog Filter Module.

Use it to filter drum loops, synth arpeggio’s, vocal tracks or entire mixes! It features notch, low-, high- and band-pass filtering modes. It functions as a stereo filter with a 2-pole slope, or in mono with a 4-pole slope. Big fat knobs allow hands on real-time tweaking of the Frequency Cutoff, Resonance, LFO Depth and Speed, Distortion and more. Plus it’s totally MIDI equipped for recording, triggering and sequencing tweaks of the various parameters.

The Filter Factory is primarily for DJ’s and for Musicians, but can be used for various applications. It sounds great and IS analog with digital control, stability and features. ‘Momentary’ buttons allow you to drop in or tap in an effect, either the filter or the distortion which is great for live situations! The LFO section allows you to generate nice sweeping filter effects or other weird modulations. There’s a Tap-Tempo to match the LFO to the stuff your filtering too!

Rear panel connections include: Midi, Phono and Jack Inputs and Outputs and 2 CV Controller.

This Electrix Filter Factory is in Fantastic Condition and had Very Little Home Use Only. It comes with it’s Original Box, Manual and Power Cable.

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