Doepfer A-147-2

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The Doepfer A-147-2 VCDLFO is a multi-function module packed to the brim with features.

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Doepfer A-147-2 VCDLFO Eurorack Module

The Doepfer A-147-2 VCDLFO is a multi-function module packed to the brim with features. Consisting of a voltage-controlled LFO, switchable VCA/VC Polarizer, and a VC delay unit, the A-147-2 VCDLFO is a voltage-controlled powerhouse with an astonishing amount of flexibility. The LFO is equipped with Triangle, Sine, Sawtooth, and Rectangle waveforms, and features a Reset/Sync input. The VCA is linear, and can be switched between “normal” VCA mode, or to voltage-controlled polarizer mode. Normal mode provides you with amplification +1 with approximately +5V CV. In polarizer mode, the amplification ranges from roughly -0.5 with 0V CV to +0.5 with +5V CV, whilst +2.5V CV suppresses the signal. The final sub-unit of the VCDLFO is a simplistic voltage-controlled envelope generator with a single “Delay” parameter. It generates a linear increasing voltage starting from 0V after each Delay Reset until it reaches roughly +5V. Overall, the A-147-2’s list of capabilities is almost endless.

Features Include:

  • Multi-Function Module With LFO, Switchable VCA, & VC Delay
  • Voltage-Controlled Powerhouse With Huge Amount Of Versatility
  • ‘Normal’ & Polarizer Modes For Voltage-Controlled Amplifier
  • ‘Delay’ Parameter Provides Linear Increasing Voltage From 0V – +5V
  • Intuitive Front Panel With Flexible I/O & Control Options


  • Triangle/Sine/Rectangle Output Level: -4V to +4V (Symmetrical)
  • Sawtooth Output Level: 0V to +8V (Positive Only)
  • Frequency Range (Without External CV: 0.005Hz (Roughly 3 Minutes) to 200Hz
  • Frequency Range (In Ultra Low Mode Or External CV): Roughly 1 Hour to Roughly 1kHz
  • VCA CV/Amplification:
    • 0V to +5V For Amplification 0 to +1 (In VCA Mode)
    • 0V to +5V For Amplification -0.5 to +0.5 (In Polarizer Mode)
  • Delay Range: Roughly 5ms to Roughly 2 Minutes

This Doepfer A-147-2 is in Fantastic Condition and had Very Little Home Use Only. It comes with it’s Ribbon Cable and Screws. PLUS we’re also Including a Patch Cable!

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