Yamaha YST-MS30


The YST-MS30 is a powered speaker set that comes with two 6-watt satellite speakers and an 18-watt subwoofer.

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Yamaha YST-MS30 Powered Multimedia Speakers

Adding new speakers to a computer is one of the easiest upgrades to make, and also one of the most dramatic. Going from the pair of chirping speakers that came with your computer to the Yamaha YST-MS30 will prove this beyond a doubt.

The YST-MS30 is a powered speaker set (meaning no amplifier is necessary) that comes with two 6-watt satellite speakers and an 18-watt subwoofer. You control the power and volume from the right speaker and adjust overall bass levels from a dial on the subwoofer.

A set of YST-MS30s won’t get you kicked out of your apartment anytime soon, but there’s more to a speaker system than raw volume. Most people are more concerned with the way the speaker reproduces sounds, and it is in this area that the YST-MS30 excels. The satellite speakers produce crisp highs and a full midrange with enough volume to keep the subwoofer from drowning it out. At full volume, the speakers exhibit no distortion, and they don’t hiss like inferior products. Better speakers do exist, but you’ll have a tough time finding them at YST-MS30 prices.

Good subwoofers are nearly impossible to come by in this price range, but the one included with the YST-MS30s is a wonderful exception. Too frequently, cheap subwoofers thump with monotonous bass, with no variation to the frequency or volume of the sounds it attempts to reproduce. This subwoofer provides a nice frequency response, albeit through the limited range all subwoofers are capable of responding to. The result is tight-sounding bass with enough capability for variation.

That the speakers sound so good is surprising considering their relatively tiny size. The square subwoofer unit measures only about 7 inches on a side but can be parked anywhere–including under a desk. The satellite speakers that sit upon the desk are very small, measuring less than 3 inches high and wide, and about 5 inches deep. It’s a compact design that sacrifices nothing in terms of sound quality, making it a perfect match for a computer system.

Features include:

  • 30 watts total power
  • Full magnetic shielding
  • Comes with 2 satellite speakers and 1 subwoofer
  • Powered speakers, no amplifier required
  • Advanced YST for deep, powerful bass
  • Black Colour

These Yamaha YST-MS30 Speakers are in Good Condition and come with their Original Box, Manual and Power Supply.

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