Yamaha NS10M (pair)

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Classic Industry Standard Nearfield Studio Monitors

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Yamaha NS10M Studio Monitors (pair)

You’ll still find a pair of NS10’s in most professional studios in the world today!

But why i here you ask?

Is it because they sound fantastic?

Well actually NO NS10’s don’t sound great, and that’s the point! What they do is give you back the same sound of your mix going in with NO frills, nice sheen or big bottom end.

There’s an old adage in the industry that if you can make a mix sound good on a pair of NS10’s then it should sound good on pretty much anything and this is the reason these old classic monitors are still going strong today!

Features include:

Classic Nearfield Studio Monitors with 2-Way Bookshelf – Closed Box Speaker Design

18cm Woofer

3.5cm Soft Dome Tweeter

60 watts Program and 120 watts Maximum Power Handling

8 ohms Norminal Impedance

Minimum Phase Variation

Unique Akira Nakamura Design and Still The Industry Standard Nearfield Monitor

These Yamaha NS10M Monitors (pair) are in Good Condition for their age but do have some scratches and marks. They come with their Cloth Grille Covers and are a Matching Pair.

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