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The FireworX is the most radical sounding Multi-Effects Processor you’ve ever heard and a real challenge to your imagination.

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Radical Studio Effects Processor

The FireworX is the most radical sounding Multi-Effects Processor you’ve ever heard and a real challenge to your imagination. Take whatever you need from the broad palette of internal effects, drop it into the forge at the heart of the FireworX, and turn your music into a fireball of sound.

Based on cutting edge technology from TC Electronic, the FireworX will let you surf the limits of the possible.

Turn up the heat and get ready to explore the world of digital pyrotechnics.


    •    Expander/Gate
•    Soft Compressor
•    Hard Compressor/Limiter
•    Resonance Filter · Bandpass Filter
•    Phaser · Resonator · Resochord Filter
•    Formant Filter
•    Drive Distortion
•    Cruncher Distortion
•    Vocoder
•    Ring Modulator
•    Curve Generator Synth
•    Chaos Generator Synth
•    Noise Generator Synth
•    Single Voice Pitch shift
•    Dual Voice Pitch shift
•    Classic Chorus
•    Advanced Chorus
•    Classic Flanger
•    Advanced Flanger
•    Stereo Delay
•    Dual mono Delay
•    Dual Three Tap Delay
•    One Tap Delay
•    Six Tap Delay
•    Reverse Delay
•    Reverb
•    Advanced Reverb
•    Simple Tremolo
•    Advanced Tremolo
•    Simple Panner
•    Surround Panner
•    Stereo Enhancer
•    5 band Parametric EQ
•    4 band modifiable parametric EQ
•    Feedback Send
•    Feedback Return
•    Insert Send
•    Insert Return

Routing Blocks

Setting up effects-algorithm blocks in the FireworX Routing matrix is extremely easy. With a double click on the effect block panel buttons, you insert the effect type chosen with the Value wheel. You can change the order of the effects, repeat certain blocks, add feedback loops and even insert an external device. Choosing an effect block and pushing Enter will bring up the Sub Routing I/O page of the chosen block. You can decide on where the chosen effect will get its fuel from and where to route the power. This way you have exactly the same flexibility in connecting the effects as if you had a couple of external effects-machines and a patch-bay.

The number of processing blocks in a Routing setup is only limited by the DSP-power consumption. It is possible to monitor the percentage of each block, which is convenient when constructing complex routings.

Modifier Matrix

Looking for versatility and unlimited possibilities? The Modifier section of the FireworX is the key to versatility. Only your imagination is the limit here. Think of any possible way to combine modifiers and effect parameters, and make it happen. Creativity brought to work – all made possible by the FireworX.

Available in the Modifier Matrix page, is the constant set of internal and external parameter modifiers. 8 external control inputs (e.g. assigned to MIDI), and 8 internal modifiers like e.g. ADSR’s, LFO’s, Envelopes + more. These modifiers can be assigned to control any parameter appearing on a list at the right of the display. This list is unique for the current effects-combination at the Routing and Edit pages.

Like in a patchbay, simply connect virtual wires from the desired modifier to the parameter that dynamically should be adjusted.

An example of an internal modifier is Freeform. Actually this is a tiny sequencer that allows you to create a more “rhythmic” sequence than e.g. an ADSR. This is very useful if you want a Phaser or a Tremolo to act as a percussive sidekick to a breakbeat.


The FireworX can be set up in various combinations. How you should set it up depends on your specific application. The vast amount of digital and analog I/O’s, means that the FireworX will fit into multiple system setups, and most likely also combinations you never have considered possible.

The FireworX can be inserted on a Group or even a channel, and will then handle the wet/dry balance on the signal.

The FireworX can also be used as a standard effects unit, with an Aux send and returns on channels or stereo-inputs.

Finally, the FireworX can be connected with the analog I/O’s as e.g. inserted on a group, and simultaneously an external device can be inserted using the digital I/O’s and the insert blocks in the Routing grid.

Factory Presets

When using a machine that has so many combinations of settings an essential thing is factory presets. This gives you a useful set of starting points for various applications.

The FireworX has no less than 400 factory settings. The library contains lots of weird sounding effects, beautiful outdoor location reverbs and music-effects you have never dreamt were possible to create.

Preset examples from the library:

•    Ultimator
•    Vocode Tracker
•    Paranoia
•    Angry Moog
•    Walkietalkie
•    Arctic Strings
•    Dub The Universe
•    The Whisperer
•    Envelope Filter
•    Little Speaker
•    Warm Phaser

This way the FireworX can become the “secret weapon” for lots of producers and engineers, when they want to ad a unique touch that makes the production stand out from the crowd.

Both a full package of presets made for music-production and a package for Film-production, are standard in the FireworX.


This TC Electronic Fireworx does have some marks and scratches on the top where it’s been racked, but is fully working and sounds great. It comes with it’s Original Manual and Power Cable.

The gallery pictures are of the actual item.


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