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The Ventris Dual Reverb features two processing cores to deliver completely independent reverb sounds

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Source Audio Ventris Dual Reverb Pedal

The Ventris Dual Reverb features two processing cores to deliver completely independent reverb sounds. The processors are optimised and can deliver maximum processing power to the actual reverb effect required, rather than background tasks. The reverbs can be used independently or layered for unique soundscape creation. This is a powerful pedal that delivers the highest quality of reverb sounds and would be a valuable addition to any studio or live setup.

12 Reverb Types

The Ventris features a mix of classic reverb favourites and experimental ambient sounds. The pedal delivers some of the most realistic reverb sounds available, meticulously crafted by the engineers at Source Audio.

  • Room: a real acoustic space in a variety of sizes
  • Hall: Based on the lush sound from ’80s rack unit reverbs
  • E-Dome: a cavernous, huge sounding reverb
  • True Spring: a meticulous recreation of a true spring reverb effect
  • Plate: based on a ’50s / ’60s plate reverb, created by sending audio through a large metal plate
  • Lo-Fi: a saturated and distorted reverb sound for a rough tonality
  • Modverb: a modulating tremolo and reverb found in many old guitar amplifiers
  • Shimmer: pitch shifting reverb engine with octave-up reflections for an angelic sound
  • Echoverb: a useful combination of delay and reverb
  • Swell: a volume effect swell on the input signal
  • Offspring: a unique and dramatic effect that needs to be heard
  • Reverse: a strange and ethereal effect; set 100 wet to create a menacing sound surge, or blend with the dry signal for an unnerving tonal shadow

True Spillover

The Ventris features 8 presets that can be accessed instantly. This pedal has the processing power to allow for a ‘True Spillover’ where the tail from one effect merges seamlessly with the tone of the next patch. There is no limit on how long this patch change can take, making the Ventris an incredibly useful live tool with studio-quality patch changes.

OPTION Footswitch

The OPTION footswitch allows you to access multiple parameters, depending on your requirements. Along with preset scrolling and A/B switching, this footswitch can control the HOLD and RUNAWAY functions; HOLD is a sustain effect which loops the current signal infinitely, RUNAWAY creates a feedback loop to provide an ever-increasing oscillating sound.

Connectivity and Control

The Ventris features multiple connectivity options to integrate with any guitar rig. MIDI control functionality expands the number of presets up to 128 and allows instant switching. Stereo outputs can be used independently or as a single combined effect. The USB connection allows you to control the pedal with the Neuro editor (see below), while an expression pedal input lets you control multiple effect parameters manually. The Ventris also allows you to switch patches and use other functions by simply plugging in a traditional guitar amp switching pedal (see manual). The Ventris is designed to let you edit patches deeply and then integrate the pedal with your own rig in multiple ways.

Neuro Editor

The Neuro Editor is an online app, that allows you to connect to the Ventris pedal. You can edit and save presets, and join the Source Audio Community to share patches. Source Audio have an ever-expanding library of free presets so you will always have new sounds to try out.

Features include:

  • Completely independent dual reverb pedal – like having two effects pedals in one
  • True “spillover”: seamless transition from one effect to the next with no limit on the cross-over duration
  • Huge processing power
  • 12 onboard reverb engines with the potential to add more via the Neuro Mobile App or Desktop Editor
  • Natural reverbs such as rooms, halls, plates, to unnatural reverbs like shimmer or reverse verb.
  • Stereo in an out for dual independent reverbs or combinations of each effect
  • OPTION footswitch can be set to multiple parameters: hands-free control of preset scrolling, HOLD effect (sustain), ‘Runaway’ reverb (increasing saturation), and many more
  • A / B switch
  • 8 on-board presets (expandable to 128 with MIDI)
  • Expression control input
  • Compatible with the Neuro Desktop Editor and Mobile App

This Source Audio Ventris Dual Reverb Pedal is in Fantastic Condition and had Very Little Home Use Only. It comes with it’s Original Box, Quick Start Card, Power Supply and Jack Cable.

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