Roli Loop Block

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The ROLI Loop Block is an expansion unit for the ROLI Lightpad Block that adds a range of looping functionality and controls.

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Roli Loop Block Production Controller

The ROLI Loop Block is an expansion unit for the ROLI Lightpad Block that adds a range of looping functionality and controls. The lightweight and highly compact unit will attach easily to any side of your Lightpad Block, and it can also work wirelessly thanks to the built-in wireless connectivity the Lightpad boasts. The ROLI Loop Block provides recording and editing functionality helping you to build up sequences and play them back. The Loop Block even features a ‘Learn Mode’ that teaches you how to interact with different sounds. The added controls allow you to do everything form change volume and toggle modes to set the tempo like a metronome.

Versatile Control

The ROLI Loop Block features a range of versatile controls including: Mode. Volume, Click, Snap, Undo, Play, Record & Learn. This diverse range of controls allows you to do everything from set the tempo of your loops to quantizing your recorded loops to ensure they are snapped to the correct tempo. The click function even allows you to set the tempo of your loops manually like a metronome. If you ever make a mistake while recording your loops (even after playback) you can press the Undo button to go revert to the original configuration and start fresh.

Expansive Connectivity

The ROLI Loop Block is simple to use, simply connect the block to one of the DNA connectors on your ROLI Lightpad and you’re ready to go. The robust buttons are only a finger-length away from the Lightpad’s playable surface, making navigating through loops and sounds a quick and easy process. You can also reconfigure the Blocks to cater to your requirements, even in the middle of a performance. Thanks to the built-in wireless connectivity if you disconnect the Block from the ROLI Lightpad, they can still work together wirelessly for added convenience.


  • Expands the ROLI Lightpad Block with looping and recording functionality
  • Controls include: Mode, Volume, Metronome, Snap, Undo, Play, Record and Learn
  • Lightweight and compact unit
  • Easy attaches to the ROLI Lightpad Block as well as working wirelessly
  • Learn mode provides visual tutorial for controlling sounds


  • Battery: Charged via connection to the Lightpad Block
  • Bluetooth: 15 metre Bluetooth range
  • Shell: PC-ABS chassis anodized aluminium top case
  • Connectivity/Ports: Bluetooth LE, 6 DNA connector
  • Dimensions: 48mm x 95mm x 20.5 mm
  • System Requirements: iPhone 6, 6 Plus or newer. iPad air or newer. iOS 9.0 or above
  • Weight: 160g

This Roli Loop Block is in Fantastic Condition and had Very Little Home Use Only. It comes with it’s Original Box and Quick Start guide.

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