Roland Sound Brush SB-55


Vintage Half Rack Size Midi File Player from Roland

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Roland Sound Brush SB-55 Midi File Player

Rare vintage Midi File Player from Roland.

Half-rack size, especially designed for quick, easy playback of Standard MIDI Files, format 0 and format 1 from 3.5″, Double Density (DD) floppy disks.

If your sequencer is not Standard Midi File compatible, you can convert your song data, simply by recording it onto the SB55, in real time.

Features include:

With virtually no loading time between songs, it is ideal for live performance.

Display: Segments (no LCD).

Modes: Single Play, Program Play, Random Play.

A/B Repeat function: allows you to designate a specific phrase in the song with A/B markers.

Has 2 MIDI-IN, and allows soft-thru.

This Roland Sound Brush SB-55 is in Excellent Condition and comes with a Power Supply and Midi Cable.

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