RME Hammerfall Lite DIGI9636/52

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The RME Hammerfall Lite Digi9636/52 is a PCI Soundcard for PC or MAC.

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RME Hammerfall Lite Digi9636/52 PCI Sound Card

Hammerfall Lite equals Project Hammerfall, but without the Expansion Board

The optional Expansion Board. turns the Lite into a fully equipped DIGI9652 at any time.

Hammerfall Lite also allows to connect further expansion boards. One internal ADAT input and two internal ADAT outputs allow you to realize up to 8 analog inputs, 16 analog outputs or even one TDIF interface directly inside the computer.

The Hammerfall series offers drivers for Windows 98/ME (MME with multi-client operation, ASIO 2.0, GSIF), Windows NT, Windows 2000/XP (ASIO multi-client operation of MME, GSIF 2.0 and ASIO 2.0), Mac OS 9.x (ASIO 2.0), Mac OS X (Core Audio) and Linux (ALSA.)

Features include:

  • 2 x ADAT digital I/O, based on RME’s reliable Bitclock PLL
  • 1 x SPDIF digital I/O, based on RME’s reliable DIGI96 technology
  • 1 x ADAT Sync In (9-pin D-type) for sample accurate transfers
  • 1 x Breakout cable for coaxial SPDIF operation
  • Zero wait state PCI Busmaster interface with additional burst FIFO (130 MB/s transfer rate in both directions)
  • New hardware design: 36 mono channels in block mode, organized in 32 bit ASIO double buffers
  • ASIO poured in hardware! The result in speed and performance is 0 (zero!)% CPU load when using ALL 36 channels!
  • 130 MB/s transfer rate for record and playback results in only 7% PCI bus load when using all 36 channels
  • New Enhanced Zero Latency Monitoring
  • S/MUX poured in hardware: 8 channels 96 kHz/24 bit for record and playback

This RME Hammerfall Lite DIGI9636/52 is in Excellent Condition and comes with it’s Original Box, Breakout Cable and MAC Chip.

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