ProSound XM49


Sturdy and secure base paired with a boom makes this stand great for most scenarios

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ProSound Microphone stand with Boom – Black

• Compatible with most microphone holders using a universal screw attachment
• Sturdy and secure base paired with a boom makes this stand great for most scenarios
• Adjustable height from 1m to 1.76 m with additional 83cm boom allows for a wide variety of usage
Where can I use this microphone stand?
You can use this microphone stand on stage, while recording in a studio or even at home. Ensure your microphone is held in the perfect position by using this sturdy microphone stand with adjustable boom. The screw fitting at the end of the boom allows for compatibility with most microphone holders, or it can easily be adapted to fit non-compatible microphone holders.Will it support heavier microphones?
This microphone stand comes with a large and sturdy base, allowing for maximum stability even with the boom at full reach. The large base also allows for heavier professional microphones as well as pop filters to be attached without unbalancing the stand. Microphones up to a maximum of 3kg are supported.

Can I adjust this stand?
Offering adjustable heights from 1m to 1.76m as well as the attached 75cm boom, you can always position your microphone at the perfect height and angle. Being able to tilt the boom at a 360 degree angle allows you to effortlessly manoeuvre your microphone over a keyboard or piano to maintain the optimum position.

The height can be easily adjusted using an easy to grip twist clamp, allowing for quick and easy interchange of heights between users and requirements.

This ProSound XM49 Microphone Stand is in Fantastic Condition. It is the Black Colour Version and comes with it’s Original Box.
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