Philip Rees V4

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The Philip Rees V4 is a handy one-into four MIDI Thru unit.

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Phi Rees midi thru box fourV4 MIDI Thru Unit

[Photo: V4 midi splitter]The V4 is a handy one-into four MIDI Thru unit, which you can use to convert one conventional MIDI Out (connected to the IN socket of the V4) into four cleverly buffered parallel Outs (available at the THRU sockets of the V4).

You will find that the V4 MIDI Thru Unit is a convenient pocket-sized gadget. Its dimensions are just 58mm x 69mm x 23mm.

Powered from the line

The power for the V4 buffer circuit is derived from the MIDI connections at its MIDI In socket.

Why you need a MIDI thru unit

Interconnecting several items of MIDI gear can be a frustrating business. A Midi Thru box can often help.

Some of your MIDI gadgets may lack the MIDI Thru (MIDI-thru) sockets which are required for connecting several devices together in a ‘chain’. Where MIDI thru ports are provided, the signal throughput may introduce ‘duty cycle’ distortion or time delays – so ‘chain’ performance may be unacceptable, particularly on ‘chains’ of three or more.

[Diag: comparison of "Chain" and "Star" MIDI networks]

The preferred alternative to the troublesome ‘chain’ is the ‘star’ network. The only snag is that for a ‘star’ network you will need more than the single MIDI Out, which is all that may be available on your master controller. You’ll need a MIDI thru box to solve this problem by setting up a MIDI ‘star’ system.

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