Philip Rees TS1


The Philip Rees TS1 is a Midi Tape Sync Unit.

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Philip Rees Midi MTC smpte fskplus smartsync smartfsk ppsTS1 MIDI Tape Sync Unit

You can use the TS1 to synchronise your MIDI sequencer to any decent tape machine. When you start, stop or shuttle your tape back and fore, TS1 tells your sequencer to play in time, just as if your MIDI-controlled voices were extra tracks on the tape.

TS1 MIDI SMPTE sync unit photoYou won’t need to swap around the MIDI wiring between stripe record and playback, as the TS1 has four MIDI ports and automatic signal routing.

Multiple formats

When syncing to a SMPTE or an FSKplus SPP/SRT format stripe you are free to shuttle your tape backward or forward as you wish. The synchronisation should pick up wherever you start to play.

A sync tone is a digitally coded signal that will fit into an analogue audio channel, similar to a modem or fax warble. When a sync tone is recorded on a tape track it is called a stripe. Synchronisation works by using one track of your multi-track tape machine to carry the stripe. The format of the stripe is related to the corresponding MIDI synchronisation datastream. On the TS1, the format is easily selected by means of a straightforward front-panel rotary control.

This Philip Rees TS1 is in Good Condition.

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