Philip Rees Little 2M


The Little 2M is a product of our unmatched MIDI merge design experience.

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Philip Rees Little 2M Midi Merge Unit

The Little 2M is a product of our unmatched MIDI merge design experience. Despite its small size and low price, it is definitely a proper intelligent MIDI merger. It has two MIDI IN ports and one MIDI OUT port. The lower MIDI IN has the standard opto-isolated MIDI configuration, while power for the unit is derived via the upper MIDI IN port. Of course, this means that you have to connect a MIDI output to the upper MIDI IN, whenever you wish to run the Little 2M.

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The line-powered scheme is a significant convenience, as no battery or external adaptor is required. The Little 2M employs a novel power circuit which ensures very good compatibility, so it will work perfectly with the vast majority of MIDI master devices. A wonderful state-of-the-art low-power RISC microcontroller provides a level of performance which was not previously possible in a line-powered unit.

An indicator lamp lights when correct power is being received. The same lamp dips to indicate transmit data flow, which makes sure that the lamp is consuming current when the MIDI output is not. To reassure the user that the system is running, the lamp flashes during dense data. It flashes rapidly when the only messages being sent are MIDI Clocks or MIDI Time Code.

Merging MIDI data

A MIDI Merger has applications wherever you need to combine MIDI datastreams. You may want to combine several simultaneous performances on the input of a computer or a sound module. You may want to run a computer patch-editor to a synth-module at the same time as playing the module from a keyboard. You may have to insert MIDI synchronization (MIDI clocks or Time Code) into a performance datastream.

Sadly, you can’t combine MIDI datastreams just by joining the wires together. Data that arrived at the same time would clash – and be corrupted into garbage. In addition, the ‘bytes’ of information must be organised so as to be in accord with the MIDI protocol – so merging MIDI data is a job for a microcomputer with multiple serial interfaces (one for each MIDI port).

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