Philip Rees 5M


The Philip Rees 5M Midi Merge Unit has five MIDI IN ports plus one MIDI OUT.

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Phillip Rees M.I.D.I. merge five5M MIDI Merge Unit

[Photo: 5M merger]When you need to drive a MIDI slave subsystem from up to five master devices at the same time, the 5M will come to your rescue. It is a superb high-tech MIDI merge box which requires an external DC power source.

The features of the 5M include intelligent interlocks on clocks, pitch bend and certain controllers. The embedded program employs an optimum combination of the message-stream and state-machine models of the MIDI merge function.

[Diag: 5M merger example application

In the example application above, a 5M combines five MIDI performances into one sound module.

Five-input friend

The 5M has five MIDI IN ports plus one MIDI OUT.

This Philip Rees 5M is in Excellent Condition and comes with it’s Power Supply and Long Midi Cable.

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