Novation Supernova 44 Voice

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The Novation Supernova is a Classic Polyphonic Rackmount 44-VOICE Synthesizer

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Novation Supernova Analog Modeling Synthesizer

V3 with 44-Voice Polyphony Expansion Installed!

The Novation Supernova is a Classic Polyphonic Rackmount Synthesizer.

The award winning ASM (Analogue Sound Modelling ) Synthesis Engine first developed by Novation for the Award winning Novation Drum Station allows the Supernova to recreate authentic analogue sounds and a lot more sounds that would not be possible on vintage analogue equipment.

Let’s start with 44 voices of polyphony, add three VCO’s using sound modeling to re-create those classic analog sounds with digital clarity and reliability.

Amazingly this synth has seven effects per voice! That adds up to 56 effects all programmable and simultaneously available on all voices at all times!!!

A macho filter section with hi, low, band pass filtering at 12, 18, 24 dB/oct ranges, resonant and self oscillating, with overdrive and key tracking.

There are two extremely flexible LFO sections, two ring modulators, eight audio outputs, complete MIDI parameter control and it is cased in a cool blue 3-space rack unit.

This Novation Supernova is in Excellent Condition and had Home Use Only. It has V3 o/s and the 44-VOICE EXPANSION INSTALLED and comes with it’s Original Box, Manual and Power Cable. Plus also included is a Midi Cable.

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