Novation Bass Station Rack

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The Novation Bass Station Rack is a Monophonic Analog Synthesizer in a 1U Rack

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Novation Bass Station Rack Analog Synthesizer Module

The Novation Bass Station Rack is a Monophonic Analog Synthesizer in a 1U Rack. It is great at recreating classic TB303 lines and fat Moog tones. Every control from typical analog synths can be found on this: ADSR, filter, oscillator sync modes, tuning, and LFO! And most of these can be MIDI controlled.

The Bass Station Rack has dual-DCO’s which are true analog oscillators, digitally synchronized, to generate analog but stable sawtooth and pulse waveforms. Which can each be tuned, mixed and synced together.

The analog filter is a switchable 12 or 24dB/oct with cutoff, resonance, envelope amount, and assignable ADSR. The LFO has variable speed and delay with random, triangle or sawtooth shapes. The LFO can modulate the filter and/or PWM.

A very useful feature includes the built in MIDI/CV converter which allows you to control the Bass Station from an older analog synth, or you can control analog synths with MIDI through the Bass Station! All knob settings are MIDI transmit/receivable and there are 60 user patches for program storage. Another important feature is the analog input for filtering external sound sources!

Features include:

*Monophonic Analog Synthesizer Module

*Two Oscillators

*Two Envelopes

*Midi Clock Sync LFO’s

*External Audio Input

*CV & Gate Connections for Midi Control

*1U Rackmount

This Novation Bass Station Rack is in Used Condition with scratches on the top and a bit of a scrape on the front panel where the paint has come off but is Fully Working and comes with it’s Original Manual and Power Supply. Plus also included is a Midi Cable

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