Korg Triton Rack

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The Korg TRITON-Rack is a powerful tool for music production or live performance

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Korg Triton Rack Expandable Synthesizer / Sampler Module

The TRITON-Rack is a expandable Synthesizer / Sampler Module that features the HI (Hyper Integrated) Synthesis System.

Its numerous functions include high-quality preset multisamples/programs/combinations, an effect section, sampling, multis, a dual polyphonic arpeggiator, RPPR, analog two-channel audio input/six-channel audio output, and digital two-channel audio output.

By operating the REALTIME CONTROLS [1]–[4] knobs you can control filter or effects to vary the sounds in realtime as you perform. These knobs can also be used to control the gate and velocity of the arpeggiator, and the tempo of the arpeggiator and RPPR.

Options such as a MOSS tone generator, PCM/sampling memory expansions, SCSI port, ADAT digital output, and mLAN interface board can be installed to further expand the capabilities of the TRITON-Rack.

The TRITON-Rack is a powerful tool for music production or live performance

Features Include:

Expandable “Hyper Integrated” Synthesis Module

60 Voice Polyphony

On-Board Sampler

Multi-Effects Processor

Dual Polyphonic Arpeggiator

4 Realtime Control Knobs

8 x Expansion Card Slots

6 Audio Outputs

Digital Out

2U Rackmount

This Korg Triton Rack is in Fantastic Condition and had Home Use Only. It comes with it’s Original Box, Manuals, Floppy Disks and Power Supply. PLUS it also has the EXB-SCSI Port Expansion and the Full 96MB Sample Memory Installed.

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