Klark Teknik DN500


The DN500 Dual Compressor/Limiter/Expander is built to Klark Teknik’s high standards of design

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Klark Teknik DN500 Dual Compressor/ Limiter/ Expander

Compression, expansion, limiting and peak clipping are four of the most valuable techniques available to the sound engineer. Not only can they solve many problems that can arise in day to day work, creative possibilities exist in abundance.

The Klark Teknik DN500 Dual Compressor/Limiter/Expander integrates all of these processes into a single, compact, rack mounting unit – with two channel operation. Complete dynamic control over gain is the result, and also control over problems due to noise in the signal chain and the distortion that may be caused by excessive peak levels.

As a compressor, the DN500 can achieve almost undetectable dynamic range reduction by the use of sophisticated automatic attack and release circuitry. Or compression can be used as an effect in its own right with full manual control over Threshold, Ratio, Attack and Release. There is also a fully adjustable ’Knee’ control which provides an infinite range of compression styles from Hard to Soft, ‘easy’ compression.

As an expander, the DN500 offers variable ratio expansion which can be used to increase subtly the dynamic range of a signal, or to act as a conventional noise gate, or offer any degree of expansion in between.

To control signal peaks, a Limiter is provided on each channel – totally independent of the Compressor, and with a fully adjustable Threshold control. For situations where absolute control over peaks is necessary, a Peak Clipper can be switched in, the threshold of which tracks the Limiter.

The DN500 has LED indicators for every switched audio function, and also has separate gain reduction LED bar graph meters for compression and expansion on each channel. There are also peak limiting LED indicators and output level LED bar graph meters for each channel.

Separate side chain inputs are provided for the Compressor and Expander sections. A stereo link function is available for operation of the Compression and Expansion functions of both channels of the unit from the controls of channel A.

The DN500 Dual Compressor/Limiter/Expander is built to Klark Teknik’s high standards of design and construction. A well thought out aesthetic presentation is also an aid to realising full dynamic control over gain in today’s complex productions.

This Klark Teknik DN500 is in Used Condition but Fully Working. It comes with it’s Power Cable.

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