JoeMeek SC2.2 V4


The JoeMeek SC2.2 V4 is a rare and much sought after vintage stereo compressor.

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Joe Meek SC2.2 V4

Photo Optical Stereo Compressor

The JoeMeek SC2.2 V4 is a rare and much sought after vintage stereo compressor.

Why is the JOEMEEK different to a modern high tech. compressor limiter? It was designed as a stereo effects compressor rather than a ‘levelling amplifier’ as the early compressors were called.

Early compressors which used variable mu thermionic tubes or photoelectric devices only approximated true compression over a limited range. They had a soft ‘threshold’ where compression started and held to a predictable ratio up to a certain level, then they returned to a more linear amplification allowing transients through. This is in stark contrast to modern
VCA compressor/limiters where designers thought it ‘sensible’ to combine the functions of compressor and limiter and to ‘stonewall’ any and all signals above a certain level.

The Joemeek SC2.2 uses a photoelectric gain-control element with modern servo-control techniques to maintain accuracy and speed of response to the light source.

The vintage-look front panel has an assortment of knobs, buttons, LEDs and a large VU meter. The Comp/VU switch selects the metering to show either gain reduction or input level. The In/Out switch lets the user bypass the compression circuit. Two LEDs point out the status of the unit. The blue LED indicates compressor operation and the red LED indicates bypass.

The rear panel of the SC2.2 is equipped with a pair of female XLR connectors for audio input and a pair of male XLR connectors for audio output. It is also equipped with a standard IEC connector.

This JoeMeek SC2.2 V4 is in Excellent Condition and had Home Use Only. It comes with it’s Power Cable.

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