Joe Meek VC3 V2 Pro Channel


The JoeMeek VC3 V2 Pro Channel is a Unique Desktop Channel Strip Featuring a Mic Pre, Opto Compressor and Enhancer.

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JoeMeek VC3 V2 Pro Channel

Mic Pre – Opto Compressor – Enhancer

The JOEMEEK PROCHANNEL is an input conditioner. A microphone or musical instrument preamplifier designed to bridge the gap between the performing musician and the recording studio. It has been designed specially to be easy to operate, yet will give the finest
professional ‘glitter’ to the sound; but without hours of tweaking knobs and switches with unrecognisable names!

It’s best to think of the JOEMEEK PRO CHANNEL as three separate pieces
of equipment:
1) The Input amplifier.
2) The JOEMEEK Compressor.
3) The Enhancer.

THE INPUT AMPLIFIER: The input amplifier takes audio signals from any microphone (XLR socket), musical instrument or high level source (1/4 inch jack socket), and amplifies them up to ‘line’ level; that is, from a few millivolts, up to about a volt. The phantom power supply (rear panel push-button switch) provides power to capacitor microphones. Dynamic or ribbon microphones should be used with the phantom power turned off, then full advantage can be taken of the extreme low noise performance of this amplifier.

THE JOEMEEK COMPRESSOR: Early compressors which used variable mu thermionic tubes or
photoelectric devices only approximated true compression over a limited range. They had a soft ‘threshold’ where compression started and held to a predictable ratio up to a certain level, then they returned to a more linear amplification allowing transients through. This is in stark contrast to modern VCA compressor/limiters where is seemed ‘sensible’ to combine the
functions of compressor and limiter and to ‘stonewall’ any and all signals above a certain level; excellent for technical level control but hopeless for musical effect. Generally, modern VCA compressors sound muddy and flat, while old compressors sound lively and retain sparkle. The compressor in the JOEMEEK PROCHANNEL is unique; it is a recreation of an early photoelectric compressor in use in the mid 1960’s.

THE ENHANCER: The enhancer in the JOEMEEK PROCHANNEL works by picking off part of
the sound, compressing and distorting it, filtering off the original sound and remixing the resulting harmonics back with the signal. It adds high frequency sparkle, making singing voices sound more present and exciting without some of the other hissy effects you get from simply turning up the HF equaliser. It is the supreme ‘suck-it-and-see’ device. Used properly it can create beautiful sounds.

This JoeMeek VC3 V2 is in Excellent Condition and had Home Use Only. It comes with it’s Original Polystyrene packaging, Manual and Power Supply.

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