Fostex VC-8


A digital multiple system can be setup by using the VC-8

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Optical ADAT / Analog Converter

* A digital multiple system can be setup by using the adat optical and analog in/out converter of the VC-8 together with various analog and digital mixers provided with adat optical.
* Due to the professional 20 bit AD/DA converter, it is possible in conjunctive operation with the analog mixer without degrading the high quality sound of digital recordings
* As the INPUT MODE is switchable, it is possible to construct a system to match the number of Busses in the analog mixer.
* Additionally, as S/P DIF can be converted to the analog inputs/outputs and vice versa, it can be connected to the internal sound card of the computer provided with digital inputs/outputs.
* Either the internal (44.1kHz) or OPTICAL/WORD (Phase adjusting range: 32~48kHz) can be selected and thus it can be widely adapted to digital equipment.
  • 20-bit AD/DA
  • S/P-DIF/analogue conversion
  • Selectable clock – Internal (44.1kHz), Optical, Word (32-48kHz) enables seamless integration with digital equipment
  • Input Mode select (2/4/8 buss) for easy combination with any analogue mixer
  • Add analogue I/Os to digital recorders such as VR800
  • Add high quality 8 analogue inputs and outputs to a PC sound card with ADAT opticals

This Fostex VC-8 is in Used Condition with some scratches on the top, but is Fully Working and comes with a replacement Power Supply.

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