Emagic AMT8


Active Midi Transmission Technology 8 In / 8 Out Midi Interface.

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Emagic AMT8 USB Midi Interface

Emagic’s AMT8 (Active MIDI Transmitter 8) is the ideal MIDI interface for the versatile “tape-less” studio, where digital audio and MIDI are recorded and edited in one computer by software such as Logic Audio. Video is internally synchronized in the computer using QuickTime or AVI, while Emagic’s proven Active MIDI Transmission (AMT) technology provides particularly exact timing at all MIDI ports, even in a stacked system. Not only suited for use in project or medium-sized studios, the AMT8 is the right choice with which to expand existing Unitor8 systems in larger commercial facilities.

Features Include:

Midi Interface with 8 Midi In’s and 8 Midi Out’s.

USB Connection.

RS422 and RS232 Connections.

Active Midi Transmission Technology.

Midi LED Indicators.

Panic/Patch Button.

Mac & Windows Compatible.

1U Rackmount.

This Emagic AMT8 is in Excellent Condition and comes with it’s Original Power Supply.

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