Elektron Digitakt + PL-2S


The Elektron Digitakt is a Portable Eight-Voice Drum Machine and Sampler

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Elektron Digitakt

Drum Computer and Sampler

An innovation in music production and sampling. The Elektron Digitakt Drum Computer and Sampler is a portable eight-voice drum machine and sampler. The Elektron Digitakt is compact yet powerful, featuring an integrated 16-step sequencer and over 1GB of on-board sample storage.

The Elektron Digitakt is ideal for both studio and live applications, thanks to its portable size and versatile design. The high-resolution encoders and highly-durable backlit buttons are ideal for extensive use. The Digitakt Drum Machine also features a crisp OLED screen, providing information on your samples, tuning, tempo and more. It also features integrated Delay and Reverb send effects for adding flair to your rhythms and patterns.

Features include:

  • Powerful digital sound engine with vast array of presets
  • Eight dedicated MIDI tracks
  • Powerful onboard effects and filters for sculpting sounds
  • 64MB sample memory and 1GB onboard drive storage
  • Overbridge support -seamless computer integration

This Elektron Digitakt is in Fantastic Condition and has been Hardly Used at Home Only. It comes with it’s Original Box, Quick Start Guide and Power Supply. PLUS also included is the Custom Elektron PL-2S Protective Lid / Decksaver, which is also in Fantastic Condition with it’s Original Box.

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