Elektron Analog Keys

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The Elektron Analog Keys is capable of delivering the finest basslines, chords, leads and sounds imaginable.

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Elektron Analog Keys 4 Voice Analog Synthesizer

Analog keys is capable of delivering the finest basslines, chords, leads and sounds imaginable. The warm, deep tone represents the pinnacle of analog synthesis, with the acclaimed Elektron sequencer ready to arrange and warp the analog sounds in real time. Incredibly well crafted master effects complete the experience, where a new world of sounds awaits you.

Optimised for performance, Analog Keys is tailor-made for the stage. With a 37-note, semi-weighted keyboard, you have instant control of the analog tones. There’s a special performance mode offering direct access to parameters defined by you, and a joystick which can control up to 15 parameters. Morph and shape your sounds, improvising when playing live has never been easier.

Analog Keys integrates with other instruments with no fuss. Simply press a button to transform Analog Keys into a MIDI keyboard, ready for controlling external MIDI gear. There’s a dedicated CV sequencer, CV/Gate and DIN sync outputs, allowing you to play, sequence and control vintage and modern analog instruments with precision. Made to be played, voice allocation is fully customisable. Use as a polyphonic four voice synth, four seperate monophonic synthesizers, in four note unison mode with defined pitch spread or anything inbetween!

Features like Dual Filter Force cover all bases. The 4-pole lowpass ladder filter and 2-pole multi-mode filter shape sounds along with a fully analog overdrive circuit. Saturation ranges from gentle and warming to total destruction. The effects section of the Analog Keys has been constructed from the ground up, a perfect match for the strong analog tones. Use the Wideshift Chorus, Saturator Delay and Supervoid Reverb to situate sounds in acid cathedrals, deep abysses and head-spinning rotating rooms, or add that subtle finishing touch.

Extensive modulation possibilities are at your fingertips. Each of Analog Keys’ four voices offers two assignable LFOs and envelopes, AM cross-modulation, oscillator sync and dedicated LFOs for both pulse width modulation and vibrato.

Thousand of patterns and kits can be stored and recalled with ease. Over 4000 sounds can be recalled instantly from the +Drive Sound Library whenever you need them. There are individual stereo outputs for each voice, plus a main output. The two audio inputs allow for radical analog filtering and FX treatments of external sounds.

Features include:

  • 37 Semi-Weighted Keys
  • Fully Analog Signal Path
  • Four Voices
  • Extensive Modulation Possibilities
  • Polyphonic, Multi-Timbrel, Unison Modes

This Elektron Analog Keys is in Fantastic Condition and had Very LIttle Home Use Only. It comes with it’s Original Box, Getting Started Guide, USB Cable and Power Lead.

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*SPECIAL DEAL: If this item is COLLECTED (or we can deliver ourselves locally) we will include a CUSTOM ELEKTRON ECB-1 SOFT CASE worth over £100 which is also in Fantastic Condition.

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