Elektron Analog Four + Decksaver + Case


The Analog Four is a four voice analog synthesizer with the most organic sounds imaginable and the Elektron step sequencer.

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Elektron Analog Four Desktop Analog Synthesizer

With Custom Decksaver and “Within the Music” Carry Case

The Analog Four by Elekron contains four independent monophonic synthesizers in one unit. Besides the entirely analog voice circuitry with two oscillators and two filters per synth and plenty of modulation possibilities the Analog Four has FX and also a step sequencer that can output CV/gate signals as well.

The analog signal path of each synthesizer has two analog oscillatorswith waveshaping on all wave forms plus amplitude modulation and sync between both oscillators. in addition each oscillator has a dedicated sub-oscillator. A digital noise generator is available as well.

In the analog filter department two filters are doing their task, a -24dB/octave moogish cascadefilter and a -12dB/octave multi mode filter. furthermore thereĀ“s an analog overdrive and filter feedback. Finally there are three individual effect sends with chorus, reverb and delay.

The modulation section is very extensive: 4 LFOs (2 assignable, 1 vibrato-LFO, 1 waveshape LFO) and eight envelopes: 1x volume, 2x assignable, 1x autobend and each one envelope for fading noise, vibrato and two fade envelopes for LFOs.

The sequencer has four synthesizer tracks, an effect track and a CV/gate track; each with an individual track length. 128 patterns with up to 64 steps per pattern are possible. 6 arpeggiators are available as well. The sequencer has memory for 128 sounds, 128 kits and 16 songs. Microtiming, transposing tracks, glide, accent swing and much more.


Four voice analog synthesizer
Brilliant effects section
4-Pole lowpass ladder filter
2-pole multi-mode filter
Easily create patterns and songs with the step sequencer
Extensive modulation possibilities
Save Kits and Sounds and create a collection of your own unique patches
Full connectivity, with the I/O necessary for modern studios

This Elektron Analog Four is in Fantastic Condition and had Very Little Home Use Only. It comes with it’s Original Box, Getting Started Manual, USB Cable and Power Supply. PLUS also included are a Custom Decksaver and Elektron “Within the Music” Custom Carry Case.

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