Doepfer A-110-1

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The Doepfer A-110 Standard VCO is a powerful Eurorack module

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Doepfer A-110-1 Standard VCO Eurorack Module

The Doepfer A-110 Standard VCO is a powerful Eurorack module with a frequency range of 15Hz to 8kHz, equating to roughly eight octaves, with the ability to produce four simultaneous waveforms from triangle and sawtooth, to rectangle and sine waves. The A-110 is equipped with an octave switch and tuning knob to give you excellent manual control over the pitch of your sound, alongside the module’s CV inputs. This also opens up the possibility of frequency modulation of the VCO, adding a whole host of sonic characteristics to your sound. The A-110 is also capable of PWM with the square wave. With such a diverse array of tonal possibilities, the Doepfer A-110 Standard VCO is an excellent sound-source for any modular system.

Doepfer A-110-1 Features:

  • Oscillator module for Eurorack
  • Four simultaneous outputs for saw, square, triangle, and sine wave shapes
  • CV inputs for pulse-width modulation and frequency modulation
  • Size: 10hp, 55mm
  • Power usage: +90mA (+12V)/-10mA (-12V)

This Doepfer A-110-1 is in Fantastic Condition and had Very Little Home Use Only. It comes with it’s Ribbon Cable and Screws. PLUS we’re also Including a PATCH CABLE!

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