Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt

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The Apogee Ensemble is a Thunderbolt 2 audio interface with superior sound quality and low latency performance.


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Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt Audio Interface

The Apogee Ensemble is a Thunderbolt 2 audio interface with superior sound quality and low latency performance. Ensemble delivers the full potential of Thunderbolt 2 performance with the lowest latency, unmatched CPU efficiency, 2 ports for expanding your system and a revolutionary 32-bit playback signal path. The Apogee Ensemble boasts 8 microphone preamps as well as high-end Apogee AD/DA conversion technology for optimal audio fidelity. It also includes talkback functionality with a built-in microphone and control button.

Super Low Latency

Ensemble’s proprietary Thunderbolt driver has been written from the ground up for Mac OS X Mojave, resulting in unmatched performance and efficiency. Latency has been reduced to an astounding 1.1ms round-trip (96kHz / 32 buffer setting ), allowing you to monitor through your DAW, plug-ins included, simplifying your workflow and leveraging the power of your Mac. Even when your session’s DSP demands require a higher buffer setting, Ensemble’s ultra-low latency means no longer having to choose between power and speed.

A Difference You Will Hear

Apogee is an award-winning industry leader in digital recording technology with over 25 years of experience. Preferred by recording pros around the world, Apogee products like Duet, Quartet, the original Ensemble and Symphony I/O have been instrumental in creating countless GRAMMY® and OSCAR® winning recordings and have set the industry standard in professional recording for over two decades. Ensemble is built solidly on this reputation.

Features include:

  • 8 Mic preamps with up to 75 dB of gain and Advanced Stepped Gain circuit
  • Thunderbolt connectivity for ultra-low latency (1.1ms round trip)
  • Front panel Guitar I/O with Class A JFET inputs, dual mode re-amp outputs
  • Talkback functionality with built-in mic and control button
  • 2 PurePower headphone outputs
  • 10 separately assignable analog inputs
  • 16 analog outputs of premium Apogee conversion

This Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt is in Excellent Condition and had Home Use Only. It comes with it’s Power Cable and Thunderbolt Cables and Thunderbolt Adapter.

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