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The Alesis MICRON is a 37-key Analog Modeling synthesizer with 8 Voices of polyphony and 3 real-time parameter control knobs

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Alesis Micron Analog Modeling Synthesizer

The Alesis MICRON is a 37-key Analog Modeling synthesizer with 8 Voices of polyphony and 3 real-time parameter control knobs. Each voice is backed by 3 independent Oscillators, 3 Envelope Generators, 2 Filters and 2 LFO’s, all of which provide substantial sonic girth and texture. All wave shapes are continuously variable, and an FM Synthesis Mode menu is included as an alternative color in the Oscillator parameter group.

There are 512 completely programmable preset programs available with the MICRON, which include both uncanny emulations of the much-loved synths of yore, and a variety of more current-sounding pads, ambiences and soloistic patches ranging from the radio-friendly to the truly bizarre.

There are 2 separate multi-effects groups available for insertion on the MICRON‘s 32-part multi-timbral setups, in addition to a stereo Master Effects group. The keyboard also offers a programmable Pattern Generator, featuring a 250-program library of preset drum patterns, that performs double duty as an Arpeggiator.The Generator/ Arpeggiator accepts MIDI Clock sync, and transmits over MIDI as well to other keyboards or computer-based sequencers.

The 2 outputs are assigned to balanced 1/4″ jacks. The real-time parameter control knobs and sliders allow for some seriously exotic performance possibilities, both on stage and in the studio, and the high-resolution, 360° knob potentiometers are very precise and sequencer-friendly.

Make no mistake, the MICRON is a synthesizer with lots of expressive nuance, depth, and precision in programming, serving healthy portions of analog fat; it’s not a preset playback instrument with a spreadsheet’s worth of polyphony, and it wasn’t built to be one. If you already have a few of those in the rack, and you’d like to affordably access the synth side of sound creation, try a MICRON. It sounds expensive.

*Fat Analog Sound with 3 Oscillators per Voice
*Analog Modeling Synthesis offers Continuously Variable Waveshapes and FM Synthesis
*512 Preset Programs all User Programmable
*Pattern Generator/Arpeggiator with MIDI Clock sync
*20 Filter Types with two multi-mode filters per voice, 2 LFO’s and Sample & Hold Generator all Programmable and MIDI Clock Sync Responsive
*2 Assignable Sliders and Assignable Pitch Wheel Controls
*Internal 12 x 2 Mod Matrix Virtual Patch Bay routes Source Modifiers to Destination Parameters; unique Programming Tool
*360° High Resolution Potentiometers for Parameter Control Knobs offer High Precision Adjustment
*All Parameter Controls “Live” and Real-Time
*High-Resolution Built-In Effects for both Part Insert and Global Use
*Balanced Analog I/O’s
*40-Band Vocoder uses no Polyphony
*Backlit LCD Screen and Fluorescent Parameter and Function Indicators

This Alesis Micron is in Fantastic Condition and had Home Use Only. It comes with it’s Original Manual and Power Supply.

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